Huffin' Rag Blues Art Edition
Steven has created a series of superb artworks to accompany test pressings of Nurse With Wound's celebrated 2008 release, Huffin' Rag Blues. Signed, numbered and limited to just 30 copies, these unique items will be available at 12 noon UK time on Saturday 25th August, 2018 in the 'Bespoke' area of our shop!

'EXPERIMENTE II, SON OF TRIPPIN' MUSIC at pressing stage and will be available in the coming weeks via our shop. This limited edition CD comes in a handmade sleeve and features 70 minutes of hallucinogenic vibes. Limited to just 300 copies.

We have copies of Coils 'Black Light District' CD available here. 

Nurse With Wound live
There are still a few tickets available for the Nurse With Wound/Current 93 concert at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London on Saturday 13 October 2018. Available here!

Steven will also be performing with Christoph Heemann at the Meakusma Festival on September 9th. Details and tickets are available on their website here...

Homotopy To Marie and Spiral Insana T-shirts
Over in the 'Bespoke' area of our shop we have a selection of beautiful T-shirts to celebrate the recent rerelease of both albums. These are printed on the highest quality cotton and are available in a range of sizes and styles.


Nurse With Wound are set to re-release their celebrated LP, 'Homotopy to Marie'! Originally recorded in 1982 the album was a step on from the Dadaist rock of Merzbild Schwet and combined tape edits with resonating gong tones and disembodied children's voices to create a sonic collage far removed from the harsh improvisations of the group's early albums.

This superb reissue is the official full double album from the original recording sessions. It features the 4 tracks from the original LP plus additional recordings from the same period and is a technically better, crystal clear performance compared to the original 1982 cut from  Available in the following formats:

Numbered clear vinyl LP limited to 150 copies in a Metallic gatefold sleeve
Numbered silver & black/white vinyl LP limited to 700 copies in a Metallic gatefold sleeve
Numbered black vinyl LP limited to 800 copies in a Metallic gatefold sleeve

Pre-order yours here!

Other News...
The brand new Nurse With Wound 3LP Boxset, 'TRIPPIN' MUSIC' is scheduled for release in October 2018! We will also be releasing a second 'EXPERIMENTE' CD called 'EXPERIMENTE II, SON OF TRIPPIN' MUSIC' which features unused tracks, ideas, experiments and miscellaneous bric a brac from the making of 'TRIPPIN' MUSIC'. This limited edition CD comes in a handmade sleeve and features 70 minutes of hallucinogenic vibes. Limited to just 300 copies and available only via our website. 

This soon to be released Nurse With Wound LP is a full studio album from the late 90's. The music was was recently rediscovered on a mislabeled master, thought to be lost forever, as the original DAT was fucked and unplayable, as was often the case with this untrustworthy format. It features four long atmospheric pieces, of which only one has ever been released. 


In 1982 The New Blockaders self-released their debut LP Changez Les Blockeurs, in an edition of only 100. Steven Stapleton was the very first person to purchase / hear the album and subsequently distributed copies via United Dairies.
The LP has since attained a somewhat mythical / legendary status (Record Collector magazine included it in a list of the rarest, most collectable records ever) and 2017 was the 35th anniversary of its original release. In celebration of this, TNB invited Steven Stapleton to rework the original which is now available in all its glory as NWW Play Changez Les Blockeurs. The LP cover features brand new artworks by Steven (a.k.a Babs Santini) and comes with an insert including a TNB / NWW article by Paul Hegarty (author of the much-acclaimed Noise/Music book.)

Available now in our shop...


Unique Art Edition Test Pressings
Hot on the heels of Steven's highly acclaimed New York City exhibition, we are very pleased to accounce a new series of test pressings available for sale in our shop. Each one is signed and hand made by Steven using a variety of media.
These unique items will be available in the 'Bespoke' area of the Nurse With Wound shop at 12 noon UK time on Saturday 2nd June 2018.

Art Prints
We have just 6 Art Prints of Love's Secret Domain left. This beautiful artwork was painted on an old out house door, rescued from a nineteenth century derelict cottage in the west of Ireland and is a quite different treatment to the image used for the Coil record of the same name. Printed at the highest possible resolution on Hahnemuhle 310gsm German Etching Paper using archive standard Epson pigment inks. Numbered, signed, blind embossed and available here.

We also have a very limited stock of The Starres Are Marching Sadly Home at a reduced price. As above this is printed at the highest possible resolution on Hahnemuhle 310gsm German Etching Paper using archive standard Epson pigment inks. Numbered, signed, blind embossed and available here.

Echo Poeme: Sequence N° 2
Steven has created a unique Art Edition of the beautiful Echo Poeme: Sequence N° 2. Signed, numbered and in an edition of just 14 copies. Get yours here!

Absinthe Box
Keep checking back on the Nurse With Wound eBay page where we will soon be listing a numbered hand painted Absinthe Box featuring a bottle of Absinthe with a label designed by Steven and unique music! Search under ebay seller ID, homotopymusic.

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We are very proud to announce Steven Stapleton's first exhibition at May 68 Books and Records in New York City!

From May 68 Books & Records website;

'We are very pleased to present art by Steven Stapleton, the artist's first exhibition in the United States. Stapleton (British, b. 1957), best known for his now 40-year musical project Nurse With Wound, has over this span of time created works that can be seen as a vivid, visual correlation of NWW's most famous designation: "Purveyors of sinister whimsy to the wretched." Stapleton's art, produced under one of his numerous aliases, Babs Santini, has graced the covers of records by Current 93, Shirley Collins, Sol Invictus, Sand, Andrew Liles, The Legendary Pink Dots, and his own releases as NWW.

Stapleton's show with MAY 68 includes seven large framed montage pieces, a term the artist prefers to collage, as montage suggests the sort of filmic dream state he explores within cut-up and reassembled imagery. Though dark, they are also buoyed by irreverent humor and a poetics that the surrealists might identify as navigating the passage between cruelty and tenderness. The great and greatly missed British writer J.G. Ballard would certainly see in Stapleton a kindred re-maker of reality. Stapleton's deftly mischievous sleight-of-hand will recall Dada, Hannah Höch, John Heartfield, Max Ernst, Roland Topor and Bruce Conner. In addition, eight rare test pressings will be shown, each with a unique montage cover, among them Current 93's classic, All the Pretty Horses and a highly sought after unreleased collaboration between Nurse With Wound and Faust'.

The exhibition runs from May 9 to June 3rd.

May 68
Books & Records
41 Elizabeth Street
(front room of Martos gallery)
Tuesday to Sunday, 10AM - 6PM