Nurse With Wound are set to re-release their celebrated LP, 'Homotopy to Marie'! Originally recorded in 1982 the album was a step on from the Dadaist rock of Merzbild Schwet and combined tape edits with resonating gong tones and disembodied children's voices to create a sonic collage far removed from the harsh improvisations of the group's early albums.

This superb reissue is the official full double album from the original recording sessions. It features the 4 tracks from the original LP plus additional recordings from the same period and is a technically better, crystal clear performance compared to the original 1982 cut from rotorelief.com.  Available in the following formats:

Numbered clear vinyl LP limited to 150 copies in a Metallic gatefold sleeve
Numbered silver & black/white vinyl LP limited to 700 copies in a Metallic gatefold sleeve
Numbered black vinyl LP limited to 800 copies in a Metallic gatefold sleeve

Pre-order yours here!

Other News...
The brand new Nurse With Wound 3LP Boxset, 'TRIPPIN' MUSIC' is scheduled for release in October 2018! We will also be releasing a second 'EXPERIMENTE' CD called 'EXPERIMENTE II, SON OF TRIPPIN' MUSIC' which features unused tracks, ideas, experiments and miscellaneous bric a brac from the making of 'TRIPPIN' MUSIC'. This limited edition CD comes in a handmade sleeve and features 70 minutes of hallucinogenic vibes. Limited to just 300 copies and available only via our website. 

This soon to be released Nurse With Wound LP is a full studio album from the late 90's. The music was was recently rediscovered on a mislabeled master, thought to be lost forever, as the original DAT was fucked and unplayable, as was often the case with this untrustworthy format. It features four long atmospheric pieces, of which only one has ever been released.