Nurse With Wound start off 2016 with 3 new releases : 

> Over in the Nurse With Wound shop we are now taking orders for the beautiful Soliloquy For Lilith 4 LP box set. This release features the original music plus an extra 40 minute piece previously unreleased on vinyl all housed in a laminated box with red foil blocking. Get your copy of this seminal album here

> We have also just received copies of 'Musique pour Faits Divers: A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing'. This 44 page book comes with a 3" mini CD featuring music by Nurse With Wound and Brian Conniffe. This is a signed edition and is available here

> Drastic Plastic have just released Echo Poeme No 2 for the first time on vinyl. Available in limited edition white and 200 gram black vinyl this beautiful piece features female spoken vocals, chanted and looped to create a haunting meditation. It's available, among other places here

Steven also continues selling some of his weird and wonderful record collection over in the Vinyl Archive.

In other news we will soon be releasing an art edition of Echo Poeme No 2 and the new Nurse With Wound album, Dark Fat!