Four Years In 30 Seconds 10"

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Four Years In 30 Seconds 10"


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Cat No : 10PROM45

Release date :  1997

10" Compilation

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A1 Faust - Spot

A2 Band Of Pain - Acid

A3 RLW - Kitnabudja Kid

A4 Stefan Jaworzyn - I Am The King Of Goth

A5 Satori - Tongue Cracked Dry

A6 BeeQueen - Edie's Second Sun

A7 Idea Fire Company - None But First Rate Workmen Will Meet With Encouragement 

A8 Dual - Drimon Drmn

A9 Merzbow - Hummingbird

A10 Pessary - Abort

A11 Paul Gomersall - Mmm… Strange

A12 Contrastate - Poodles In Practice Dress At The Battersea Dogs Opera

B1 Lee Ranaldo - First Computer Piece

B2 Splinterhead - Perihelion

B3 Incapacitants - Mutual Fund Explosion

B4 Pestrepeller - Maximum Yak Satisfaction

B5 Inversion - 1:1 Safety

B6 - Business Machines - Latex

B7 Pickle Factory, The - Update

B8 East Of The Sun - Torcross

B9 Shadow Ring, The - The Way Of The World (Part 2)

B10 Headbutt - Terrible Noise Bringer

B11 Illusion Of Safety - Center

B12 Kinstruktivists - Black Mass

B13 Nurse With Wound - Transcribe And Dictate (Heavy Trad)