UNITED DAIRIES is very proud to announce the release of the new studio album from Nurse With Wound in collaboration with The James Worse Public Address Method. 'The Vursiflenze Mismantler' CD is only available via this web site and features cover art by Babs Santini. Back cover art... it could be Worse.

Please note this is a pre-sale with orders being shipped no later than May 30th. Available here!


We are set to release 2 new titles over the coming weeks and months -

Nurse With Wound - Trippin' Music 3LP Boxset - released on United Dirter this has gone to press and will be available in the next 2 months

Nurse With Wound and The James Worse Public Address Method - The Vursiflenze Mismantler CD - also released on United Dirter and available soon!

Finally, following some unforeseen delays, the ‘Changez Retravaillé' 3CD set is now available. Further information can be found at:

Available via the label: or via selected distributers including:

Cargo (UK)
Metamkine (France)
Tesco (Germany)
Clear Spot (Holland)
Art Into Life (Japan)

Trippin Music Album Cover final copy copy.jpg
THE VURSIFLENZE MISMANTLER copy cover onlycopy.jpg


There are a handful of tickets still available for Nurse With Wound’s appearance at the Drogheda Arts Festival on Friday May 3rd. Details and bookings are available here!


We sold out of 'objet politique' so quickly Steven has decided to extend the edition to 300 copies. This will be the final print run.

Also, the promo code was specifically for people buying 'objet politique' and a print - unfortunately a number of copies of 'objet politique' were purchased without a print using this code so we have cancelled those orders. With that in mind, and due to overwhelming demand we have added the extra copies to the site. We have also generated a new discount code.


We are delighted to announce a beautifully imagined limited edition boxset of postcard size prints - ‘objet politique’ is limited to just 200 copies and features 7 mini prints, a 3” CD with 20 minutes of exclusive new music from Nurse With Wound, a steel lapel badge and a double sided card of authentication signed and numbered by Steven, all housed in a luxury foil blocked presentation box.

We have also produced 5 limited edition prints featuring artwork from the ‘objet politique’ box. Each is in an edition of 30 and is signed, numbered and embossed by Steven.

The postcard boxes and prints are available in 3 different options:

1 - ‘objet politique’ postcard box - details available here

2 - Buy one or more limited edition print and get ‘objet politique’ at half price - details available here 

3 - Buy one or more limited edition print without ‘objet politique’ - details available here

*Please note this is a presale. Orders will be shipped April 12th.