We are delighted to announce a beautifully imagined limited edition boxset of postcard size prints - ‘objet politique’ is limited to just 200 copies and features 7 mini prints, a 3” CD with 20 minutes of exclusive new music from Nurse With Wound, a steel lapel badge and a double sided card of authentication signed and numbered by Steven, all housed in a luxury foil blocked presentation box.

We have also produced 5 limited edition prints featuring artwork from the ‘objet politique’ box. Each is in an edition of 30 and is signed, numbered and embossed by Steven.

The postcard boxes and prints are available in 3 different options:

1 - ‘objet politique’ postcard box - details available here

2 - Buy one or more limited edition print and get ‘objet politique’ at half price - details available here 

3 - Buy one or more limited edition print without ‘objet politique’ - details available here

*Please note this is a presale. Orders will be shipped April 12th.


A 3 CD set featuring reworkings of The New Blockaders' legendary 'Changez Les Blockeurs' LP is now available.

‘Changez Retravaillé’ includes a piece by Steven Stapleton (Steven was the first person to purchase/hear the LP back in 1982) alongside Asmus Tietchens, Ralf Wehowsky, Rudolf Eb.er, Jerome Noetinger, Thurston Moore, Jim O'Rourke, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Irr. App. (Ext.), Merzbow among others. In an edition of 300.

More details are available here: http://www.ricercasonora.com/catalog/changez-retravaille/31/

In other news, Nurse With Wound are set to play the Drogheda Arts Festival in Ireland on Friday 3rd May. Details and tickets are available here!


We are over the moon to announce a series of rereleases from a time of fruitful collaboration between Steven Stapleton and David Tibet during the early to mid nineties. Each have been beautifully mastered and remastered by Andrew Liles featuring out-takes and unreleased pieces from the period in addition to the original recordings…

Stapleton/Tibet - The Threats Of Memories 2LP

SIDE ONE: The Sadness Of Things

SIDE TWO: The Dead Side Of The Moon

SIDE THREE: BubbleHead

SIDE FOUR: DreamBreath

For more details and to order yours click here!

Stapleton/Tibet - The Threat of Memory - 5CD BOXSET

CD ONE: The Sadness Of Things album: 1. The Sadness Of Things; 2. The Grave And Beautiful Name Of Sadness

CD TWO: Musical Pumpkin Cottage album: 1. The Dead Side Of the Moon; 2. BubbleHead

CD THREE: Musicalischer Kürb=Hütten album: 1. The Dead Side Of the Moon; 2. BubbleHead

CD FOUR: Octopus album expanded: 1. I Left Her For A Cartoon Octopus; 2. The Fire Of The Mind; 3. Just What Do You Mean By “AntiChrist”?

CD FIVE: BubbleBreath album: 1. The Dead Side Of The Moon (draught); 2. The Dead Side Of The Moon part 2 (alternative); 3. The Dead Side Of The Moon (extended draught); 4. BubbleHead = DreamBreath; 5. The Dead Side Of The Moon part 1 (alternative); 6. The Fire Of The Moon.

For more details and to order yours click here!!

Stapleton/Tibet - Dead Memory LP

SIDE ONE: The Dead Side Of the Moon

SIDE TWO: Frail Albatross

For more details and to order yours click here!!!


After a long gestation period the book is finally coming together. We cannot say when it will become available as there are so many disparate elements and people involved so please don’t ask! Announcements will be made much nearer the publication date.

Please could anyone who contributed images to the book send an email to: nwwbooklist@gmail.com

We need to establish a list of contributors and it’s taken so long to get to this point we can’t remember who sent what and when. Many thanks!


We are very pleased to announce a beautiful reimagining of Nurse With Wound’s ‘Homtopy To Marie’ as an art edition.

The album was first issued on Stapleton’s own United Dairies label on vinyl, cassette and later as a remastered compact disc including an extra track ‘Astral Dustbin Dirge’. This reissue features the full double album from the original recording sessions; the 4 tracks from the original LP plus additional recordings from the same period. The remastering delivers a technically better, crystal clear performance in comparison to the original 1982 cut.

The 2CD’s come housed in a deluxe silver hardback book featuring 24 pages of artwork by Steven Stapleton. Buy yours here!