Apologies to anyone who is still waiting on their copy of ‘Changez Les Blockeurs And’. There has been a delay beyond our control meaning we have yet to receive our copies. However we hope to very soon and will post them out as soon as we do.

In other news there is an exhibition of Steven's album art in the Gort Framing Studio, County Galway if you happen to find yourself in a remote part of Ireland! gortframingstudio.ie

Nurse With Wound will also be playing the following live dates:

24th November 2018: Accueil Festival Akouphene #2, Cave 12, Genève, Switzerland. Details are available here
25th November 2018: Macao, Milan, Italy. Details are available here



Hot on the heels of Nurse With Wound’s superb appearance at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London we have added a selection of merchandise that was either available at the gig, or unavailable at the gig due to stupidity on the part of other people.

Nerve Junction
This is the latest of the Nurse With Wound Limited Edition Handmade CD’s and was unavailable at the show due to the ineptitude of the venue! Available in our shop here!

Changez Les Blockeurs And CD
This is the CD version of the near mythical original album and includes a bonus track not on the LP with new artworks by Babs Santini. It is limited to just 500 copies. Available here!

Faith’s Favourite and Shipwreck Radio T-shirts
These beautiful T-shirt designs are available in a range of sizes and are printed on high quality heavy cotton. The Shipwreck Radio one even glows in the dark! Both are in the Bespoke area of our shop.

Speaking of T-shirts we had planned to sell a very special commemorative T-shirt at the London gig. However due to the ineptitude of the parcel company this time rather than the venue - and after a comedy of unfunny errors trying to locate the parcel on the day of the gig! - we have now had it sent over to us in Ireland. Once it arrives we will list it in our shop and let you know.

Current 93/Nurse With Wound Billboard Poster
We are now selling this at a reduced price - just 15 euros! Available here.


In 1982 The New Blockaders self-released their debut LP Changez Les Blockeurs, an edition of only 100. Steven Stapleton was the very first person to purchase / hear the album and subsequently distributed copies via United Dairies.

The LP has since attained a somewhat mythical / legendary status (Record Collector magazine included it in a list of the rarest, most collectable records ever) and 2017 was the 35th anniversary of its original release. In celebration of this, TNB invited Steven Stapleton to rework the original which is now available in all its glory as NWW Play Changez Les Blockeurs. This CD includes a bonus track not on the LP with new artworks by Babs Santini. It is limited to just 500 copies.

This release will be available at the forthcoming Nurse With Wound/Current 93 gig in London! Please note as previously announced Nurse With Wound will be playing their set at 19:40. We have a handful of commemorative posters available in our shop…

In other news Editions Lenka Lente are set to release another beautiful book and CD presentation featuring ‘To Another Awareness’ by Nurse With Wound. This will be available via their website and the Nurse With Wound shop. Details - if you speak French - are available here!


‘EXPERIMENTE II, SON OF TRIPPIN' MUSIC’ is finally here and features Mutants, Misfits and Mongrels from the making of the soon to be completed ‘Trippin’ Music’ Nurse With Wound three LP box set.

This limited edition CD comes in a handmade sleeve and features 70 minutes of hallucinogenic vibes. Please note this is a professionally printed CD rather than our usual handmade CDr’s. Order your copy here!

…will soon be available for the first time on CD. This includes a bonus track not on the LP with new artworks by Babs Santini.

THE CURRENT 93/NURSE WITH WOUND OCT 13th London gig poster will also be available via our shop shortly.