We have a limited amount of the 3LP white vinyl edition of ‘Swanyard’ by Coil featuring nearly 150 minutes of unreleased music from around the period 1993 to 1996. Available in our shop here!

Italian gig
There are a very few tickets still available for Nurse With Wound’s gig in Italy on October 12th. Book yours here...


We are pleased to add to the shop the ‘Green Edition’ of the Nurse With Wound classic, ‘Soliloquy For Lilith’!
Originally recorded in 1988, this metallic foil block-printed 3CD box set contains the original album plus 40 minutes of outtakes from the original sessions. Available here!

To commemorate the recent release of Merzbild Schwet we produced a beautiful poster and, despite the best efforts of couriers to delay this we are very pleased to announce they are now available in the shop. Order yours here!


Previously only available on CD as part of the ‘Psilotripitaka’ box set, the second and third Nurse With Wound albums, ‘To The Quiet Men From A Tiny Girl’ and ‘Merzbild Schwet’ are being re-released on United Dairies!

These remasters are from the original analogue tapes and are housed in deluxe, 6 panel digipaks featuring both original and new artwork.

THE CD’S are available now for presale here! Shipping mid August.

Both albums will also be made available in a vinyl edition later in the year.

Commemorative T-shit
To commemorate these releases we have also produced a new limited edition T-shirt of the new artwork for Merzbild Schwet. The T-shirt is available in the ‘BESPOKE’ area of our shop.

Other news
In other news the long awaited ‘Trippin’ Music’ 3LP Boxset has been delayed during the holiday period but should be with us mid August.

Finders Keepers ‘Strain, Crack & Break’ music from The Nurse With Wound List is to be released on September 9th of this year. A limited number are available now from our shop, here!


We are very pleased to announce an Art Edition of the forthcoming Nurse With Wound LP, ‘Trippin’ Musik’!

Each record is a virgin test pressing and contains two original paintings and a signed, numbered and painted certificate of authenticity. Additionally each record features a unique label on each side.

The regular ‘Trippin’ Musik’ boxset edition contains 3LP's and there are 30 of each test pressing in this art edition. These can be brought individually or as a complete set at a discounted price using a unique discount code. Please note this code can ONLY be used for purchasing the 3LP set.

'Trippin' Musik' will be available in the 'BESPOKE' area of our shop and will go on sale at 12 noon UK time on Saturday 29th June.

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We have just received copies of the new Coil album featuring nearly 150 minutes of unreleased recordings around the period 1993 to 1996, from Danny Hyde's studio archives.

This release is currently available in 2 versions:

The first is a 3-LP Deluxe Triple-Gatefold Set signed by Steven Stapleton and featuring a commissioned artwork by Steven recalled from a dream by Jhonn Balance. Available here!

The second 2XCD version comes in a 6-panel Digipack featuring the same artwork and available here!!

A 3rd special edition version in a wooden box will be available soon.